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Comic performer Wayne Brady, in the area this weekend, dishes on role in Real Housewives of Civil Rights video



wayne-brady.jpgIf you don’t watch daytime TV or online video, you might not have seen Wayne Brady for a while.

But the talented actor, singer, comic performer has been busy with a wide array of projects, from hosting the new Let’s Make a Deal for CBS to co-hosting the NAACP Image Awards to appearing in a Funny or Die video spoof that has some bloggers saying he defamed the memory of civil rights icons Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King.

Still, there’s one gig he’s eager to admit he’s likely not taking anytime soon: The co-host’s chair on Live With Regis and Kelly.

“I’m very flattered, trust me, to have my name in the mix, but one daytime gig is enough,” said Brady about the smattering of articles which suggested he might be a perfect replacement for a retiring Regis Philbin. “No one in that camp has contacted me, and I’m busy doing what I’m doing…which is, first and foremost, being an actor and a singer.”

As Brady brings his improvisational show to The Club at Treasure Island tonight and Saturday, he answered a few questions on his current work, including a cameo appearance as Martin Luther King, Jr. in Funny or Die’s Real Housewives of Civil Rights satire, featuring comic takes on Parks, King, Betty Shabazz, Winnie Mandela, Maya Angelou and Marilyn Monroe.

Deggans: In this Real Housewives of Atlanta spoof, Rosa Parks is drinking from a fifth of liquor and Betty Shabazz threatens Coretta Scott King with a gun. How did you guys come up with this?

Brady: “I’ve known the sketch group Elite Delta Force 3 for a while now; my girlfriend (Robin Thede) is a member. I read the piece and just thought it was funny, though I have to admit, I am not a watcher of the Real Housewives of Atlanta – that’s not my bag. I realized after we shot the sketch, I should go back and watch, so I could see where humor is coming from. I like that, even if you didn’t like it, you still are talking about it. I like comedy that gets people thinking.”



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What’s your live show like?

“It’s all improvisational comedy…with my partner and announcer from Let’s Make a Deal, Jonathan Mangum taking suggestions from the audience. We ask them to give us suggestions for song titles that do not exist. But no matter how many times you ask, they say ‘Can you do This Masquerade?..Or it will be something kind of vulgar. Somebody will refer to a gynecologist or something. It’s my job to say, Okay you got to be funny, now let’s do something so completely innocuous and small.’ All I’m asking you for is information.”

You’re co-hosting the NAACP image awards on March 4. Any danger of a Ricky Gervais-like meltdown?

“As non-funny as this going to sound, you need common sense, when hosting. You job, is you have to make the audience feel comfortable – they’re meant to be at ease in your house. That said, I hope that Ricky considers (his Golden Globes hosting stint) a success. He kind of changed the game. You don’t have to come out and be cloying and glad hand everybody. His main job was to be funny and he did it.”

You grew up in Orlando. Learn anything there that helps you now?

“What I got out of Orlando was definitely hustling, and not being afraid to use every single talent – if I wasn’t working, I’d jump on a cruise ship to run down to one of the theme parks. When I was coming up, the talent pool was only so big – if you could get in there, it really prepares you for that next step up.”

Here's another cool Brady Funny or Die skit -- his dance video with Mike Tyson!



Another great Wayne Brady TV skit -- NSFW due to profanity -- is his bit with Dave Chappelle satirizing Training Day.

 Brady appears  at 9p.m. tonight and Saturday at The Club at Treasure Island.  A limited number of tickets are available to nonmembers for $65, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting All Children’s Hospital.  Non-member ticket hotline is 888.695.0888.  For more information, click to   

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