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Courtesy of Comic-Con: Spoiler-filled previews of Dexter and The Walking Dead



dexter.jpgDexter fans know last season ended with our serial killer-hiding-in-plain-sight surprised by his sister (and a police detective) bursting in on him in the middle of a kill.

The clip below was revealed at the Comic-Con festival, and seems to take place right after that moment, revealing the first two minutes of the new season.

For that reason, some might consider the below clip A HUGE SPOILER. walking-dead-comic-con.jpg

If you don't want to know how Deb reacts until you see the episode in September, do not click on the video below.

Along with the Dexter preview, AMC unveiled a four-minute preview of The Walking Dead, complete with the return of a one-handed character longtime fans have been waiting for all last season.

Fans are already salivating over the new season of Walking Dead, which debuts Oct. 14 and will feature two popular characters from the graphic novel on which the series  is based: brutal leader The Governor and peerless zombie-killer Michonne.

If you're allergic to spoilers, don't watch these videos.

But for everyone else, enjoy a rare, way-early preview:


[Last modified: Friday, July 13, 2012 7:33pm]


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