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Daily Show hilariously slams Florida's voter registration purge as voter suppression



dailyshow-florida.jpgIf this is how the Daily Show is talking about Florida now, imagine what's will go down in a few months when they come to Tampa for the Republican National Convention.

That's what I kept thinking while watching Jon Stewart & Co.'s devastating takedown of the wide range of voter registration changes enacted by a GOP-controlled state legislature and Republican governor, which seem calculated to disproportionally affect those who typically vote Democratic.

After a few necessary shots at Gov. Rick Scott's resemblance to creepy character actors -- it's low hanging fruit, people! -- the show turned loose correspondent John Oliver to interview a Republican elections chief in Volusia County who teed up all the reasonable and compelling arguments against the purge:

Among the arguments: It disqualifies too many people who should be allowed to vote, it disproportionally affects Hispanics and black people, it tries to solve a voter fraud problem which doesn't exist (Stewart himself sneered at the idea that hordes of illegal immigrants would line up to vote illegally), and so on.

But, of course, the Daily Show is a lot more entertaining, while highlighting the absurdity of it all.

Check the video below:



[Last modified: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 7:34am]


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