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Daily Show lionizes Nate Silver, ridicules Fox News and Florida; Stephen Colbert despairs



tumblr_md5jk8a3yz1qz82gvo1_500.jpgFor a media critic, watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report after a big political/media crapstorm is like opening presents on Christmas morning.

And neither show disappointed on Wednesday. Cool as it is to see them try live broadcasts, real-time satire is much more hit and miss.

After a day to percolate in the yummy goodness of pundit despair and behind-covering after Tuesday's election, both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert managed some amazing insights.

Stewart's was plain and centered on simple observation about Florida (after accusing GOP Gov. Rick Scott of trying to suppress votes by making voting uncomfortable and limiting early voting hours): "The election was decided without them...For once, Florida's clusterf---ery is irrelevant."

New York Times blogger Nate Silver, who insisted an analysis of polling proved President Obama has a more than 90 percent probability of getting re-elected, took a victory lap of sorts on the Daily Show, as Stewart pronounced him "the president of the USA - the United States of Arithmetic."

Check it all out below:






[Last modified: Thursday, November 8, 2012 10:27am]


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