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Daily Show strikes again: Bay News 9 mistakenly reports Pam Bondi gave the show a urine sample



bondipee120911b_202395d.jpgOne day after Daily Show comic Aasif Mandvi asked Florida Gov. Rick Scott to provide a urine sample, it sounded like the joke's final punchline.

But a report published online by local cable TV newschannel Bay News 9 that state Attorney General Pam Bondi actually gave such a sample to Mandvi turned out to be a little, um, overstated.

As it turns out, Bondi was prepared for Mandvi, who spent some time today asking Florida legislators for urine samples, presumably for a story to be aired on the Daily Show. So when the comic showed up to a press conference she was holding, Bondi gave him a container of amber colored liquid which turned out to be apple juice.

assif-mandvi2.jpgBut Bay News 9 didn't get the joke, tweeting "CONFIRMED: Fla. Att. Gen. Pam Bondi has actually provided a urine sample to ," also publishing a story on the channel's website. Full disclosure: I also retweeted the item on Twitter without checking it out myself.

But Bondi's office confirmed that the substance was actually apple juice. Bondi spokeswoman Jenn Meale sent a tweet reading simply: "Two words: Apple. Juice."

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Mandvi actually drank the liquid to confirm it. A spokesman for Comedy Central said producers weren't yet ready to talk about the piece, which is scheduled to air after the Daily Show's end-of-the-year hiatus.

"I'm not a happy camper," said Bay News 9 general manager Rod Gramer, adding the channel would correct the online version and send a new tweet.

And this isn't the first correction spawned by Mandvi's Tallahassee visit. On Wednesday, WFLA-Ch. 8 reported the comic actor was a protester who challenged Gov. Scott's plan to drug test state workers with his urine sample demand.

They corrected the information in their 11 p.m. broadcast that night.

[Last modified: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 8:00am]


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