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Daily Show uses two segments to ridicule Florida Family Association's All-American Muslim protest



stewart-shake.jpgNo one can denounce hypocrisy, bigotry and nonsense more deftly than the fine minds at Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

And they may have outdone themselves with Tuesday's show, devoting two segments to the protests by Tampa-based Florida Family Association against the harmless TLC show All-American Muslim.

In the first segment, Stewart takes on the protest itself, noting that criticizing a show for not airing the stereotypical, unfair view some people have of Muslims as rooted in terrorism makes little sense. Particularly since the home improvement chain which dropped its advertising support, Lowe's, had no problem placing ads on a channel with exploitive unscripted shows like Toddlers and Tiaras.

Next, comic actor Aasif Mandvi shows up to concede that all Muslims love terrorism, suggesting that the U.S. shut down their major source of materials for stateside terrorism attacks: Lowe's.

florida_fmaily_association.jpgThat Mandvi is a Muslim who spent time as a teen growing up in Tampa, graduating from Chamberlain High School and attending the University of South Florida, probably only made the bit feel sweeter.

All of the wrangling over this reveals how much we still struggle as a culture over issues of stereotyping and prejudice. Despite lots of evidence that plenty of other religions we respect have many dangerous offshoots, it is tough for some people to accept that a religion with such dangerously anti-America adherents can also have many members who don't feel that way. 

Bet executives at a certain home improvement chain wish they had just ignored the letters from Caton's group in the first place.

Here's the bits below:

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