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Dancing With the Stars faces a tough situation after bouncing The Situation



alg_resize_dwts_the-sitch.jpgThis is what happens when you base a big part of your dancing contest around famous people who are not performers.

situationx-inset-community.jpgThe audience is doing their job, cutting the dopiest competitors from Dancing With the Stars with the ruthlessness of a reality TV contestant lunging for a good camera shot. But as Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was handed his walking papers Tuesday night, a growing problem emerges for ABC's top-rated unscripted competition.

What happens when the biggest stars get kicked off first?

Celebrity offspring Bristol Palin was standing next to The Situation when he got clipped, implying that she might have the next-lowest score. Unfortunately for the show, she's also the next most popular contestant in the TMZ-drenched, tabloid-fueled universe of those who watch most passionately.

If you doubt that, watch the tabloid/entertainment news shows such as Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight when the show is running. Each week, they have feature stories on the contestants, rumors about who is bonding with who and gossip about who the biggest divas are -- often led by people who once competed on the show.

So far, of the three people knocked off the program, two of them -- The Situation and David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff -- share horribly lame nicknames and reality TV fame. If Palin goes next -- and barring a broken hip from Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, the world's most hypocritical teen abstinence advocate should be next on the chopping block -- ABC might have a problem on its hands.

Because so far, some of the show's actual contenders -- Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey and Hills star Audrina Patridge -- haven't brought much spark to the show.

Will viewers keep watching once the tabloid-friendly stumblebums are gone?

Below is a video of his performance. Watch and marvel at the rumors that Sorrentino was actually angry and sulking after getting low scores from the judges over such a disjointed, awkward display.

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 12:31am]


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