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Deggans on CNN at 10:30a.m. Sunday



Cnnlivefromlogo   Why did Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann get bumped off political anchor duty at MSNBC?

If you've been reading this blog, you already know why. But I'll be discussing the issue further with Washington Post media guru Howie Kurtz on CNN's Reliable Sources at 10:30 a.m. Sunday. In an amazing twist, I'll be on with my brother from another mother, Kansas City Star TV critic Aaron Barnhart -- who swears to me that he's ready to disagree with me yet again.

It's been an amazing week for media, starting with MSNBC's moves on Monday and finishing with Sarah Palin's flustered interview with ABC anchor Charlie Gibson - who seemed to be doing his best to channel The Paper Chase's John Houseman while looking down his bifocals at the GOP's vice presidential nominee.

I look forward to dissecting it all with two of the smartest guys in media criticism on Sunday. Hope you all find time to join us.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:51pm]


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