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Deggans on CNN Sunday and in Marketwatch column talking about Obama, media and race



Cnnlivefromlogo Looks like a couple of places have tapped my punditry skills for perspective on the intersection of President Barack Obama, race, journalism and politics.

I'm scheduled to appear at 10 a.m. Sunday on old pal Howard Kurtz's CNN show Reliable Sources. The topics at hand include Jimmy Carter's words about some who oppose Obama being motivated by racism, the President appearing on five different talk Sunday shows -- except Fox News -- and allegations the press should have moved quicker to cover the controversies involving ACORN.

(This Fox News Channel ad, published today in the Washington Post, Miss-storyadNew York Post and Wall Street Journal prompted angry denials from the other news networks mentioned there, who maintained they devoted significant resources to covering the Sept. 12 protests in Washington D.C. H/T to Richard Prince's Journal-isms site.

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez showed footage today of CNN's coverage and of Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly poking fun at their coverage.

"We covered it with four correspondents, two satellite trucks, multiple live interviews, lawmakers on the record and conversations with attendees," Sanchez said. "Let me address the Fox News network now perhaps the most current way that I can, by quoting somebody who recently used a very pithy phrase -- two words.  It's all I need -- you lie.")

I've already been quoted on the way media covers race issues and the president by Marketwatch columnist Jon Friedman, who was kind enough to include me with two other esteemed writers in his story today, which asserts that the media has flopped in its coverage of race regarding Obama.

I told Friedman I didn't think laziness in reporting was the issue most of the time. Instead, I find journalists have a hard time talking about race in a story unless it is the main subject of the story. so people aren't used to seeing a discussion about race in the media unless it's attached to a gigantic controversy.

Jeffrey Toobin pointed out something I wish I had said: That often these kinds of race stories are  about trying to figure someone's motive -- which is incredibly hard to do. Who knows whether Joe Wilson yelled out because he had less respect for a black President? Hard to say if Serena Williams' on court meltdown was such big news because black athletes are treated with more scorn when they act out.

if you want to watch me chew over these issues a bit more on Sunday with Chris Cilizza and Amy Holmes tune into CNN at 10 a.m. And feel free to leave your thoughts here if you want me to consider something before then.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:01pm]


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