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Deggans on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday morning



While you're kicking back with french toast or a cup of coffee Sunday, feel free to click over to CNN around 11:30 a.m. or so to see me appear cnnlivefromlogo.jpgwith host Howie Kurtz on the media analysis show Reliable Sources.

The topic du jour: Are media outlets spending too much time covering the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial?

As I've said earlier in this space, the coverage is mostly about filling a niche. Cable TV channels focused on tabloid topics are dipping into the coverage of the guy accused of killing he king of Pop like folks bellying up to a buffet filled with gooey snacks.

Revelations about the last moments of Michael Jackson's death -- and allegations about the behavior of the physician accussed of killing him -- are the easiest target for 24/7 platform in serious need of attention-getting topics.

But I'm sure there's others who can argue for the newsworthiness of the coverage.

Feel free to offer any suggestionshere on what you think I should say...

[Last modified: Friday, September 30, 2011 4:11pm]


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