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Deggans on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday to talk Brit Hume, religious intolerance and Fox News



Brit-hume Friends know I have a curious background when it comes to religion.

As a youngster, I attended a Jewish middle school -- complete with morning prayer services, regular Hebrew lessons and holiday celebrations -- and a Catholic high school. All while being raised in a non-denominational Christian church by my mother.

The result was a healthy tolerance for others' spiritual convictions, and an enjoyment from learning and experiencing the culture of other religions.

Which is why I was so dismayed to see Fox News Channel pundit/analyst Brit Hume encouraging Tiger Woods to turn to Christianity instead of Buddhism for spiritual healing on a news show ostensibly devoted to politics.

Better voices than mine have already deconstructed how such exhortations are serious examples of religious intolerance, and smack of the kind of spiritual superiority fueling the terrorism we are struggling to contain in other parts of the world.

But what worries me most is that Hume, a journalist who for many years was supposed to be dissecting facts with some sort of objectivity, still insists that his words weren't proselytizing and that he's being criticized because he advocated Christianity.

That seems a denial of the facts so baldfaced, it's tough to take him seriously as an honest broker of information. If he won't take a fair look at such an obvious comment, will he be fair about evaluating anything -- especially on the subject of religion or religious values?

Should make for an interesting discussion when I join Howard Kurtz's CNN show Reliable Sources on Sunday. The segment is scheduled for about 10:30 a.m.; feel free to pass along any thoughts about the issue here beforehand.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:04pm]


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