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Deggans on NPR: New Fall TV shows a deluge of new material in an uncertain time

Thumbs-Up-Thumbs-Down Network TV schedules have always been an exercise in throwing lots of stuff at the viewers to see what sticks.

But there may be no time when that habit is more pronounced than this fall, when one network will present 13 new shows over the course of a season, and all five broadcast networks will present close to 40 new shows during the 2010-11 TV cycle.

The problems broadcasters confront have not changed much: Cable TV is stealing audience, drawn by the focused quality and unconventional approach of the material. And other media distractions -- video games, DVR playbacks, Internet surfing -- are drawing people away from television altogether.

I taped this interview with NPR's Talk of the Nation before CBS and the CW had announced their fall schedules, but i think much of what I observed remains true, now that all the new fall shows are known.

Check it out below or read the transcript here.. 

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:08pm]


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