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Deggans on NPR's Tell Me More from Chicago



Is it fair to refer to a bench clearing brawl during a WNBA game as a catfight?Feed_90_2

Should I be insulted if someone asks me about GOP presidential contender John McCain, referring to him as "your boy McCain?"

Can anyone agree on whether it made sense for McCain to complain about  lack of media coverage, and then blow off attending a convention attended by nearly 6,000 media people of color?

MartinThese questions and more can be answered by clicking on the link below to hear my appearance with columnist Reuben Navarrette, freelance writer Jimi Izrael, overlord Nick Charles on former ABC correspondent Michel Martin's National Public Radio show , Tell Me More.

Recording in WBEZ studios at Navy Pier in Chicago, it was probably the nicest environment I ever opined in. The perfect atmosphere for playing the dozens and discoursing about the effect of brawling on the WNBA's ticket sales.

Check it out here    

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