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Deggans pundit frenzy: My appearances on Michael Eric Dyson's radio show and CNN this week

Phillips.kyra  It's been so hectic here in Feed-land, that I haven't had the chance to post a couple of fun media appearances I made this week to talk about television to a wider audience.

CNN called on Monday morning, asking me to talk about the significance of the Lost finale. Host Kyra Phillips and I wound up talking about the way Lost's growth paralleled and benefited from the growth of online and social media, while joking that I should get hired by the TV networks as a consultant (I'm still available, by the way)

MichaelericdysonA day or two later, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson called to talk about the new fall TV season on his radio show, which is heard in select cities across the country. 

Since it doesn't air in the Tampa Bay area, I've got a link here, so you can hear Dr. Dyson lament the end of one of his favorite series, 24 (I KNOW -- who would have thought)?

Anyway, both of these appearances went well, so I figured I'd post them here, too.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:08pm]


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