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Deggans PunditWatch: Thoughts about Russert on WMNF and Obama myths on NPR's Barbershop



I had to turn down a CNN hit on Sunday -- even 20 minutes is too long to be gone on Father's Day -- but I did manage some interesting punditry activities in recent days.

On Friday, local community radio station WMNF-FM called me to ask my thoughts on the passing of Tim Russert. I didn't really say anything that you haven't read on this blog, or seen bigger names than mine reveal during the hours and hours of coverage he's gotten the past five days. Still here it is, if you care to listen.

Nprvoices_mmartin National Public Radio's Tell Me More with Michel Martin also included me Friday in their informal roundtable of smart black men called the Barbershop. Moderated by firebrand commentator Jimi Izrael, the conversation is always a fun way to run down the news of the day from the perspective of black folks in media and politics. Last week, we took on Obama's attempt to shoot down Internet rumors with his own Web site and Spike Lee's spat with Clint Eastwood over the roles of black soldiers at Iwo Jima. Check it here.

Columbia Journalism Review gave me a shout out for my column Sunday about over coverage of the Obamas' fist bump before the world. They liked my plea for greater judiciousness in the deployment of explanatory pieces about his behavior -- alas, the Npr_newsnotes1Daily Show is filled with examples to the contrary.

And I'll be appearing Friday on NPR's News and Notes as part of their reporter's roundtable -- a more formal version of the Barbershop, where journalists and pundits of color trade comments. Always nice to know some folks value your opinion -- or at least need some help filling 10 minutes of broadcast time...

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