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Deggans talks Balloon Boy on NPR and Fox 13 while digging the best Tracy Morgan interview ever



Aballoon_falcon-henne This is how ironic modern media has become: I'm appearing on two broadcast shows this week to talk about whether the media is too obsessed with Falcon "Balloon Boy" Heene.

On Wednesday, I appeared on the Philadelphia public radio station WHYY's talk show Radio Times with an old pal, Syracuse University professor Robert Thompson (to hear it, click here). We basically talked about what I have already written many times in this space and in the newspaper: That the structure of a media focused on immediate reporting, a fractured, easily distracted audience and stories which resonate across many cultural hot buttons, makes itself vulnerable to the type of hoax allegedly perpetuated by the Heenes'

Balloon I also noted how Colorado police's admission that they lied to the press in order to gain the Heenes' trust seemed significant. if you work in Colorado media, how are you supposed to trust anything those knuckleheads tell you in the future?

I expect to cover a lot of the same ground Friday on WTVT's "Your Turn" noontime talk segment. Host Kathy Fountain enjoyed my Wednesday story on the subject and wants to take a closer look at it all. If  you want to see me say the stuff I've been writing on this blog for the past week, please tune in at 12:35 p.m. Friday.

I also want to pass along the coolest, craziest interview I've heard in a Tracy Morganlong time:

He may be crazier than a sack full of Kirstie Alley, but Tracy Jordan delivered an awesome interview on NPR's Fresh Air today -- sounding wise and barely sane all at once.

He nearly loses it when talking about the father who he helped care for as he was dying of AIDS, but his analysis of the tough transition black comics have to make in learning how to make white audiences laugh explains a lot about many folks' careers.

Check out this self-described "short dumpy guy with bad feet who is just passionate."

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