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Deggans tells CNN: Lay off Glee already!



glee-gq-cover-nov2010-lg.jpgJust finished an appearance on CNN about this bizarre controversy over racy photos of the actress on Fox's musical dramedy Glee in G.Q. magazine.

The criticism, voiced by sources diverse as the conservative Parents' Television Council and CBS news anchor Katie Couric, is the notion that seeing these twentysomething women cavorting in revealing clothes and suggestive poses is somehow damaging to the show's tween audience. Or that the show's message is somehow perverted by the sexualization of these actresses.

And to that I say: Bunk (I would say something stronger, but I'm running a family-friendly website here).

Anyone who thinks Glee hasn't been sexualizing its female teen characters all along hasn't been paying attention. (read Glee star Dianna Agron's take on the whole issue here)

Below are two photos: one from the show's Britney Spears tribute episode and one from the G.Q. photo shoot. Which do you think is racier?










Now let's consider a few more facts: Glee has featured episodes where three characters contemplate losing their virginity (and one actually does), a gay character struggles with coming out, a teen cheerleader has a baby and another cheerleader comes back from summer break with breast implants.

There is a reason every important female student is played by a woman in her 20s. If you want to see what real high school girls look like, call up and episode of MTV's Teen Moms or 16 and Pregnant.

For sure, it's worth discussing how the show sexualizes female student characters; just one is not played by a thin, attractive older woman, and she's also the only African American in the house. And G.Q. must be loving this controversy; I'm sure half the people discussing this didn't even realize the magazine was still publishing.

But to act as if this is some bolt from the blue is silly and inaccurate. Geez, aren't there enough fringe midterm election candidates to make fun of to keep cable TV news from gorging on this faux-troversy?


[Last modified: Saturday, October 23, 2010 10:13am]


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