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Deggans on TV twice today: talking major awards on Ch. 13 and politics on Ch. 3



Floridathisweeklogo At the risk of further snarking off some who have complained about this, I'm announcing TWO local TV appearances today: a stop at WTVT-Ch. 13's noontime show Your Turn to discuss the major awards shows coming up and a stop by Rob Lorei's politics show for WEDU-Ch. 3, Florida This Week.

It will be the first time I've made two local TV tapings in one day; I expect to be talked out and maxed out on Tampa's bizarre traffic patterns by the time it's over. Stopping by Rob's show will also be a bittersweet move for me; I've heard the show's longtime producer Valerie Wolf has been let go, and this may be the last time I'll see her there.

As always, I'm hoping you'll take a moment to watch one or the other appearances and maybe continue the discussions here. On WTVT, I hope to mention how happy I was to see some great character actors get well-deserved nominations -- Richard Jenkins, Melissa Leo, Viola Davis -- while I remain concerned that the academy is ignoring popular, well-done movies like The Dark Knight out of some unfortunate genre snobbery.

On WEDU, we'll be tackling everything from Obama's first week in office to Florida legislators considering new taxes (finally!) and Kevin Beckner's aborted attempt to take another look at domestic partner benefits in Hillsborough County.

My take on the last point: It felt like Bill Clinton's attempt to repeal the ban against gays in the military -- an obvious and needed move that was nevertheless too obvious, too soon and too clumsy. Now conservative opponents have a ready-made issue to hammer the openly gay commissioner with, after he ran a campaign based on refusing to be defined by his sexual orientation.

I'll be joined by Tom Tryon from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Linda Saul-Sena and Terry Kemple. I think this is going to be a fun discussion. Catch it at 8:30 tonight on WEDU-Ch. 3.


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:54pm]


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