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Did Fox News really run a photo of Tina Fey instead of Sarah Palin in a news story?

fey-for-palin.jpgIn a day filled with the strangest media news of the year, I couldn't resist putting this up right now.

This highlights the problem with running a news outlet as heavily partisan as Fox News (or MSNBC).

When you make what might have been an honest mistake, there is no room for benefit of the doubt.

When Fox News anchors made the same mistake Meredith Vieira and ABC News did, mistakenly calling Bin Laden "Obama" instead of "Osama," the channel wound up spelling the terrorist's first name with a "U" to avoid criticism.

Now there's allegations the channel is trying to devalue Sarah Palin by broadcasting a photo of comic Tina Fey impersonating Palin during a brief news story about the former Alaska politician.

I'm not buying it. I think, in this case, some producer screwed up on the fly. But since there's lots of rumors Fox News honcho Roger Ailes doesn't like the idea of a Palin presidential run...well, more rumors have started.

Seems to me, that you want to be fair, not just so people believe you when you're right, but so they trust you again after you've been wrong.

Watch the clip and decide for yourself -- and wonder how you might feel if CNN or MSNBC made the same mistake.

[Last modified: Monday, June 6, 2011 9:47pm]


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