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Did Hillary Clinton's media problems doom her campaign?

Angryhillary It's tough to look at the cavalcade of sexist comments assembled by the Women's Media Center of pundits mouthing off during the Democratic primary race, and not conclude that media-fed sexism played some role in Hillary Clinton's electoral troubles.

That said, this media critic doesn't think sexism was her biggest problem. Instead, I offer this humble list of the many ways Hillary Clinton blew it when it came to dealing with media during her campaign.

Underestimating the YouTube factor -- It wasn't just that she talked about dodging sniper fire when Clintonbosnia2 reporters who had been on the trip had video proof that she didn't. Or that her husband said something on a radio show and then tried to tell reporters that he didn't say it. It was that those about-faces and many more were immortalized on the Internet, allowing foes to pass them around like baseball cards -- endlessly reliving the worst hits of the campaign.

The Clintons, Bill in particular, seemed unprepared for the instant fact-checking and worldwide distribution that the smallest lies get online. It defused one of his biggest weapons, the ability to make any statement sound like the God's truth with his combination of personal charm and ex-Presidential authority. It also made him look whiny and evasive when complaining about press coverage that exposed his obfuscations.

Needless withholding of information that isn't damaging -- The Clintons gave Barack Obama weeks of Clintons free milage on criticisms that they refused to release their tax records until close the the filing deadline. I knew the Clintons were too smart to have anything really damaging in the material -- beyond the fact that they've made a lot of money outside the White House. But this dynamic is something Carl Bernstein dissects in his book about Hillary, A Woman in Charge. In the book, he describes how Hillary Clinton fed some of the trumped-up scandals which bedeviled their presidency, simply by her lawyer-like refusal to release documents which would have proven their innocence. If she becomes a VP nominee, expect a struggle with Obama over Bill releasing the name of donors to his presidential library.

Reliving the Whitewater/Lewinsky press dynamic -- I get that the Clintons feel persecuted by the Clintonlewinsky press because of all the Mickey Mouse crap that went down during the Whitewater/Lewinsky/Impeachment debacle.  But when the dust cleared, the president had lied to just about everyone, and the lot of a politician is to endure constant vetting. Acting like a victim every time the press wrote a tough story on them, the Clintons just encouraged irritated journalists to nail them even harder. Isn't it better to pull a McCain and charm them into submission?

Still, here's the Women's Media Center's compendium of sexism on the TV pundit scene. It made my jaw drop, and I watch TV for a living.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:47pm]


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