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Did news anchor use the n-word while commenting on Tiger Woods story?



lindsayallen1.jpgLouisville news anchor Lindsay Allen insists that she did not use the n-word while joking with a co-anchor over an incident in which a fan threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods.

Allen and her news director at WDRB-TV say the anchor quipped "at least he can blame the hot dog on some of his performances lately."

But at least one viewer didn't agree; 19-year-old Anthony Graves thought she said "the nigga blamed the hot dog for some of his poor performances," complaining to the station, the NAACP and other media outlets.

What she actually said is a bit unclear, because both anchors were talking in slang while joking about the incident. But the clip has gained traction on the Internet, prompting some to accuse the station of being dishonest about what happened.

Allen appeared on air to defend herself, insisting that "I want to assure everyone that the comments I made were misunderstood. I do apologize, though, if any viewers were offended."

For what it's worth, I'm siding with Allen on this one. Even before I heard her explanation of what she said, I saw the clip and felt she wasn't using the n-word. I do think it's a good lesson on being careful, however, when you choose to use slang associated with a certain ethnic group on air.

Because it's easy for jokes like that to veer into territory no one expects.


[Last modified: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 12:00pm]


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