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Digital divide erased according to new survey by black-focused TV channel; Radio One



Computer This probably won't get much attention, thanks to Barack Obama's seismic visit to St. Petersburg today, but the black-focused cable channel TV One will announce today in Orlando the results of a massive study of black consumers aimed at showcasing the broad diversity of African Americans.

One of the biggest claims of the study, which surveyed 3,400 people aged 13 to 74 nationwide, is that the digital divide -- the gap in opportunity between those who have regular access to online resources and those who don't -- has been erased for black people.

Their data suggests that 68 percent of black folks are online, compared to 71 percent of all Americans and 90 percent of black teens are online. i got an early copy of study from TV One executives at last week's UNITY: Journalists of Color conference.

Other results: 34 percent of those aged 18 and above have some college or a two year degree; 21 percent have a bachelor's degree or higher; one-third of that group makes more that $50,000 annually.

Forty-two percent prefer to be called black, while 44 percent prefer African American, though only 35 percent of those making $100,000 or more prefer African American Only three of 10 prefer being around people of the same race; they reserve their highest level of trust for the education system and black media (30 percent each trust them); police, government and the mainstream media get between 12 and 16 percent of respondents' trust. Credit card companies had the lowest trust percentage at 8 percent.

About 80 percent of their time spent with media was spent on radio, TV or the Internet: 45 hours a week watching TV, 31 hours a week on the Internet and 22 hours a week listening to radio.

Not a great harbinger for those of us working in print media, but an interesting snapshot of a growing media consumer class, to be sure...

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:49pm]


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