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Dissecting the Nepotism Broadcasting Company and Penn State coverage on CNN's Reliable Sources



kurtz-300x123.jpgIt's always fun doing CNN's media show with uber critic Howie Kurtz, and Sunday's gig was particularly fun -- and not just because I got to use my line about NBC's hire of Chelsea Clinton turning it into the Nepotism Broadcast Company.

I appeared on a panel with Baltimore Sun critic David Zurawick and Hollywood Reporter writer Marisa Guthrie. We batted around Penn State coverage, Clinton and much more.

deggans-reliable-sourcespicture-317.pngMy quiet goal is always to see how much talking I can get in before Howie lowers the boom and breaks into my sentence.

One reader even got a little miffed for me when the host joked about sending Clinton to the "minor leagues" in Tampa to learn TV before reporting for Today. (I didn't mind much; the price we pay for living in paradise is to be underestimated from time to time). 

But my bottom line is that celebrity hires like Tiki Barber and Jenna Bush might actually have been better at their Today show jobs if they spent time in a lower-profile gig to learn the basics.

That's a strategy which would make sense, if the goal for such hires was much beyond a quick ratings boost and access to powerful political families.

Check it out below:

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