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Do CNN Executives Watch Their Own Shows, Anymore?



It's getting tougher to be a CNN fan these days.

Not just because Headline News star Nancy Grace had the stones to go on ABC's Good Morning America last week and shrug off the death of a mother who committed suicide less than 24 hours after appearing on her show. But because Grace isn't the only nutjob running the halls there.

Here's a quick list:

Bannernancygrace Nancy Grace

Nutjob-ism: Acts as if she literally believes her personal importance is growing every second she appears on camera. Has a dangerous habit of assuming most people accused of a crime are guilty of it. And allows her righteous zeal to justify such horrific acts as asking Elizabeth Smart for gruesome details of her abduction and accusing a mother of abducting her 4-year-old son with hardly any evidence.

Glennbeckbanner1 Glenn Beck

Nutjob-ism: Comes across like a younger, slicker version of Rush Limbaugh, pressing his conservative philosophy on a below-the-radar show airing on a channel normally known for entertainment reports and weather bulletins. Joining Grace on Headline News' gussied-up primetime, he's claimed putting Braille on restrooms for blind people is political correctness gone amok and compared Al Gore's take on global warming to Hitler's falsehoods about Jews. Really.

Loudobbs Lou Dobbs

Nutjob-ism: Seems to think his words are literally growing in importance with every second he spends on camera. Has taken appropriately incisive viewpoints about the middle class squeeze and illegal immigration and exagerrated them to cartoonish degrees -- turning CNN into his personal soapbox whenever he opens his mouth on camera. He's also used information from the Council of Conservative Citizens -- a group linked to racist ideas and hate groups -- without explaining the group's questionable origins or the prejudicial nature of the material.

Larryking Larry King

Nutjob-ism: Nevermind that he's the softest of softball interviewers; King, who likes to boast that he does zero research before interviewing someone, often misses key questions, confuses details and rarely challenges guests on their inconsistencies. I remember watching him, in different shows, confuse the names of the actors with the character names when speaking with the cast of Friends, and confuse the names of the male actors on ER when Noah Wyle and George Clooney were two of the biggest TV stars on the planet.

How can a network which committs such good journalism every day tolerate these halfwits tarnishing their name?

Fall TV Really Starts Here:

CBS, ABC and NBC have scheduled the bulk of their new and returning series debuts this week, so here is where it really starts to feel like a new fall TV season.

Jaimepressly_mynameisearl Check my story from the fall TV preview on how to catch all the TV shows you'll feel compelled to check out as the season unfolds. For now, make sure you catch Studio 60, Smith, Kidnapped, ER and My Name is Earl (for Earl, I will say just two things about the first two episodes back: Joy steals a truck with a surprise inside and Catalina dances in a strip club!)

Also, ABC's Supernanny will feature a family from Palm Harbor tonight -- Jeff and Rosemary Uva. Nanny450 Here's what ABC had to say about their episode:

"The Uva boys, Trevor (7) and Travis (4), disrespect authority figures, curse, insult and bully their classmates. They expect their parents to do everything for them - in fact the seven-year-old insists his mom help him go to the potty. Mom Rosemary owns and operates a pre-school full time, and is too tired by day's end to give her boys the attention and love they desperately need. She craves more help from her husband, John, a stay-at-home dad who is admittedly clueless and detached from his sons. He brings them to Rosemary's pre-school every day because he doesn't know what else to do with them. The boys have gained a reputation for being the worst behaved kids there, and their parents have essentially given up. Jo enters the equation with a master plan for this family to wake up to the reality of their situation. Her ultimate goal is to boost John's pride in his role as stay-at-home dad, teach both parents to step up their discipline measures, and help the family bond and become happier, on "Supernanny," MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. "

We all know why folks really watch shows like these: To reassure themselves that, bad as their parenting decisions may be, there are plenty of folks out there who do a worse job. Here's hoping the Uvas don't get nailed too badly on national TV.

Separated at Birth: Meri and Katie?

No wonder NBC didn't blink when Couric took off...


Kcouric  Mvieira

142022__mv_l Katiecouricret

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