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Does Chris Brown really think people will ever stop asking about Rihanna?



If there's one way to stop people from asking about your anger management problems, it's by destroying a dressing room in a fit of irritation.rihanna-beat-by_chris_brown.jpg

Singer's Chris Brown's boneheaded move to trash his dressing room at Good Morning America after host Robin Roberts asked him a few times about his relationship with the former girlfriend he beat up offers poetic justice indeed.

Because if he gets that pissed when an obsequeious Roberts asks about his problems with violence -- as the anchor almost apologized before every question -- he's really going to hate what comes next. Because no one except Mario Lopez from Extra is going to let him do another interview without asking whether he's really beat that anger thing.

He should have just sucked it up on GMA and realized that the world doesn't get over seeing a guy beat up one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Yeah, Charlie Sheen is supposedly violent with his significant others as well.

But there aren't photographs of Denise Richards or Brooke Mueller's bruised faces all over TMZ.

Within hours of Brown's craziness, I got an email from a pundit asking if it was racism which led people to "penalize" the singer more than Sheen.

Seems to me that the singer, who only had to answer a few light questions about an incident he said was years in his past, did all the penalizing himself.

I love it when knuckleheads trip themselves up.

Saves the rest of us the trouble.

[Last modified: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 8:23am]


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