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Drew Carey Freaks Out Players on the Price is Right



Drewcarey Now I love me some Drew Carey. And I'm so glad CBS didn't find some slick shyster to come in and take over the legendary game show The Price is Right when Bob Barker retired. Frankly, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than watching a beefy schlub in glasses hand out money, cars and trips to overexcited tourists.

But don't some of these people's reactions seem a bit, um, over the top?

I watched Carey's first show Monday and marveled at how excited the players seem to get. I mean, folks got excited when they met Barker -- and rightly so -- but I don't remember contestants turning flips after getting a prize from him.Priceisrightlogo

Given my cynical nature regarding TV, I'm always suspicious folks are being coached to go nuts. But the woman in this clip seems geniunely excited -- and worried about holding her water -- during a recent appearance.

See what you think:

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