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Embarrassing Sarah Palin: the National Edition



I thought my post about new GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin looking like Tina Fey was borderline Sarahpalin1_2 disrespectful -- but that seems to be nothing next to the stuff unearthed by my fellow bloggers and political journalists regarding the second woman ever to run for vice president through a major party.

First, I stumbled on the first of many MILF references, courtesy of pal Wayne Garcia's blog at Creative Loafing, whose Palin post was titled, simply, MccCain Picks a MILF. By the end of the day, YouTube had several videos calling her a VPILF. No matter how accurate -- and, okay, it is accurate -- is that a way to refer to our potential first female vice president?

  Then Huffington Post dug up this photo of Palin from her college days -- supposedly provided by her family?? (Thanks mom!) Palintshirt_2Headlined as a "busty" photo of a young Palin, this photo proves two things: some folks' attractiveness blossoms late in life, and prospective politicians should stay away from cameras in college.

Finally, the old Alaska station where Palin once served as a sportscaster, KTVA, dug up this video of her delivering a sports report from the old days.

You'd think former colleagues might show a bit more restraint. But even they, it seems, couldn't believe that somebody who used to give high school football scores might wind up a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Here's another look at Palin's sportscasting skills, quickly followed by her appearance on Craig Ferguson's show last year, as an unknown local pol handing the Scottish comic an honorary citizenship.



[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:50pm]


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