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Ex-Tampa radio personality Skip Mahaffey back home, without a job



skipmahaffey.jpegLess than year after leaving the Tampa area for a job in Oklahoma where he hoped to start again after a high-profile layoff, Skip Mahaffey is back in town, without a job and unsure of what he might do next.

Mahaffey left his job as co-host of the morning show at KVOO-Fm in Tulsa, Okla. on Jan. 21, eight months after landing the position. He had been commuting from Tampa, where his family still lives, to Tulsa, and says he balked at signing a multi-year deal. So he and station management agreed to part ways.

As he left town last year, I wrote a story on his tribulations after a 2009 layoff by Clear Channel. Though he was paid for a year after he was let go, Mahaffey struggled to find new work comparable to what he had been doing as the star of Clear Channel's country-themed WFUS-FM (103.5), a station essentially created to showcase him and his morning team.

Eventually, he headed to KVOO, a station where he'd worked decades ago in his second job, for a salary that he said then was about one-third what he made at WFUS.

Now he's back in town and mulling options for getting his Skip Mahaffey Show back on the air somewhere.

"Being without the family was miserable," said Mahaffey in a Facebook message, stressing that his relations with the executives at KVOO were great and the departure was a mutual decision. "If I'm going to go broke and be miserable, I'd rather be at home."


[Last modified: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 10:31am]


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