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A fanboy asks: What do we think of the new Wonder Woman and Captain America?



wonderwoman.jpgAfter gorging on the new Captain America trailer a few times, this longtime comic fanboy has only a couple of quibbles with the 21st century take on Steve Rogers and his Nazi-busting heroics.

I'm not sure about the costume, which turns Captain America's trademark red, white and blue tights in for a a leather-fied number midway between a costume and a flight suit. Also, not digging seeing ol' Cappy use a pistol; I'm with Batman, guns are for the normal guys and weak-kneed villains.

Still it's inspiring to see all the big names lines up for this film, including Stanley Tucci, The Matrix's Hugo Weaving and Tommy Lee Jones. this trailer makes me a bit more excited to see a film I was ambivalent about before.

And then there's Wonder Woman.

captain_america.jpgDunno what sort of costume I expected for her network TV reboot, but the photos circulated on line so far don't feel particularly inspiring.

TV has a tough time competing with the spectacle and detail of film on their rushed timetables and smaller budgets, so there are times when I wish the small screen would just stop trying to find the next Batman or Spider Man in miniature. At least, until HBO decides to give us its take on a guy who can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Nostalgic as we are for the days of Lou Ferrigno and Lee Majors, I'm not sure the same network which thought The Cape was a good idea should be trusted to update the most iconic female superhero in comic-land.

As usual, feel free to disagree below:

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