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Final Lost finale questions answered -- I hope!

2010-finale-cast Before I drown in a sea of Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and Biggest Loser recaps tonight, I wanted to post what I suspect may be my last Lost-related blog item in a while: a few answers left over from Sunday's head-scratching finale.

This comes after much time answering emails, writing Facebook posts, sending Twitter messages and conducting debates over the newspaper's internal messaging system. Many folks seem upset that the finale didn't answer specific questions they had -- though some of us predicted that would happen before it aired -- and others are not sure of the implications from what they did see.

Jackslight If you want to see my full list of answers to Lost's 15 most-pressing questions, click here. Otherwise, here's a sample, with a few tweaks thrown in.

Didn't the producers tell us that Lost wasn't happening in purgatory? Did they lie to us? Was this a cop out?

Actually, Lost's executive producers said the island wasn't a spiritual Purgatory or Limbo, which it wasn't. Instead, when our castaways set off a hydrogen bomb in the past, it blew them into the present time. The "sideways" universe was a world created and populated when our losties died; a space where they could all reunited before moving on. My bet, is that it doesn't matter when each castaway passed away -- connected to each other by a force more powerful than death, they came back together in the afterlife, even though Hugo and Ben, as the new Jacob and Richard, likely died many, many years after the folks who got off the island and even longer after Jack, who died in the finale. Rather than changing destiny, Lost's story is about finding redemption and resting easy with friends and family for eternity once that task is done.

My question: Why did Juliet say "It worked." right before she died at the start of the last season?

Claireandkate How does the island heal people, curing Locke's paralysis and Rose's cancer?

We are left to assume that island caretaker Jacob healed Rose and Locke, to serve notice to our castaways that the island was more than it seemed and stoke Locke's belief that the losties needed to be there. As a friend and fellow fan groused  last week, it's another Lost mystery answered only by a simple phrase: "It's magic!"

Why was ruthless businessman Charles Widmore so focused on getting back to the island?

Widmore admitted to the Smoke Monster Known as John Locke that he returned to the island with Desmond Hume, knowing he was a "failsafe" to keep Smokey from destroying the place. One theory: That Widmore was a bad guy serving a good purpose, bringing Desmond to the island so he could initiate a series of events which would made Smokey mortal again so someone -- as it turns out, Kate -- could kill him. If that's true, Jacob must be the best chess player in history.

Who are the Others and what is their connection to the island?

The mysterious group of island dwellers known as The Others were never fully or directly explained during the show. We're left to assume they are the descendants of all the people island caretaker Jacob brought to the island (considering he was supposed to be a force for good, seeing all the people who die whenever Jacob brings people to the island through ship or plane wrecks makes you wonder how he lived so long with himself). What we still don't know after the series finale -- why was Jacob bringing people to the island long before he needed candidates for his own replacement?

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