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Five lessons to learn from NBC's late-night Leno/Conan folly



Jayleno-tonight I'm not dumb enough to say this is the last time I'll write about the slow motion tragedy that was NBC's attempt to undo its dethroning of Jay Leno from the Tonight Show.

But as word leaks that Conan O'Brien may have reached an agreement with NBC to leave the network and free up Leno's old 11:35 p.m. timeslot, I'm hoping this list of hard-learned lessons will be enough to cap the discussion for a while.

(As an aside, a blogger I never heard of went through a transcript of an appearance I made on PBS NewsHour back in May and found I predicted much of the current Leno/Conan problem then. Just sayin'.)

The full list is on display in a story here. The short list follows, with the latest swipe at NBC from inside NBC, Seth Myers' wonderful Weekend Update report on the late night mess.

Jay-vs-conan-320 Lesson 1: Never underestimate Jay Leno
Lesson 2: No matter how much they want to, network executives cannot force the audience or industry to change.

 Lesson 3: Nice guys finish last in network TV -.

Lesson 4: TV doesn't have time to develop shows anymorel.

Zucker-obrien Lesson 5: Managing a TV network requires more than good accounting skills

Lesson 6 - Sometimes, TV Critics know what they're talking about..

Jay's 2004 announcement about leaving Tonight Show: Conan's 2004 announcement about taking Tonight Show job:

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