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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on The Daily Show: "I don't want (the GOP) to be the opposition, I want it to be the alternative"



300px-marco_rubio_official_portrait_112th_congress.jpgFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio may have taken his biggest step yet toward proving he can be an able running mate to presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney Monday, by performing well in the lion's den of liberalism:

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.

Stewart, known for needling conservatives in Florida for everything from drug testing welfare recipients to the voter rolls purge, took issue with rubio on his statements that President Obama was a particularly divisive president -- saying, in essence, hasn't the GOP pushed him into that box?

Rubio countered with the mix of reasonable-sounding rhetoric and wonky detail which has made him a favorite in Florida, insisting that Democrat's dominance of the Senate pushed the GOP into a historic use of the filibuster and insisting his hopes to provide his own suggestions for policies he has criticized from the president.

"I don't want the Republican party to be the opposition, I want it to be the alternative," he told Stewart in an interview so long, they only aired part of it in Monday's show, providing the entire dialog online. "To be an alternative, we have to offer ideas."

Check out their conversation, split into three segments, below:





[Last modified: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 8:20am]


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