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Former Tampa TV reporter finds media fame as annoying husband



Mark Joyella is amazingly upbeat for a guy gaining increasing fame as the world's most annoying husband.

But he laughed easily during an interview yesterday about his wife's surprisingly popular blog -- dubbed, of course -- dedicated to her horror over his love for fart jokes, sleeping way too much, talking like a robot and a decaying, green sweater.

A mention on a prominent New York blog brought a feature story in the New York Daily News, and now the world is beating at their door. Joyella and bride Tiffanie Wong have appeared on CBS's The Early Show, taped an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show and have seen thousands of users flood onto the blog, sharing their own stories of spouses gone awry.

Joyella-tbt-cover Our own free tabloid TBT put Joyella's story on the cover today; my longer feature on the couple won't run in the St. Petersburg Times until Friday. Joyella's still trying to make sense of the explosive popularity sparked by a Web site his wife initially threw up for the amusement of family and friends.

“A host (in Australia) declared me the world’s most annoying husband which was a promotion, because the (New York Daily News) only called me New York’s most annoying husband,” he said, laughing. “People have said . . . this is obviously a ploy for a book deal (or) I give your marriage two years . . . Any topic online, if you get any kind of reaction, there's a certain percentage of people who are going to be cruel. That’s the price you pay for breaking through."

Tampa Bay area TV news viewers will recognize Joyella as a former reporter at WFTS-Ch. 28, who worked at the station when it debuted a local newscast in 1994. He moved on to work in Miami and New York before deciding to settle down with TV news technical director Tiffanie Wong in Brooklyn.

They didn't move in together until a few weeks before their marriage in March. So it's may not be so surprising that she decided to immortalize his eccentricities on a blog after a few months' time.

Joyella-fahrtjoke Joyella, 43, who maintains his own blog about journalism and media issues, admits the irony of seeing his wife's site about his annoying habits explode into an online phenomenon. And though they both insist the blog was never intended for a huge audience, they have begun thinking about how to monetize it.

More cynical commenters and blogs have criticized the flood of coverage as another example of navel-gazing by the New York media establishment on two of their own. But the couple insist they've touched a nerve -- referenced everywhere from The Honeymooners to Everybody Loves Raymond -- highlighting how you can really love someone who also really annoys you sometimes.

And don't assume all the attention has made Joyella chill out on the annoying habits. "If anything, it’s made him emphasize it more," said Wong, 36, laughing. "It really makes him think it gives him license to do all of these things and more. He thinks he’s giving me more material."


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:01pm]


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