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Geek alert: New Star Trek trailer promises Wrath of Khan-level fireworks from Sherlock star



star-trek-into-darkness-mockup.jpgEven for a fanboy, it's tough sometime to get excited about a 1-minute trailer.

But the minds behind the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness have packed so much into the teaser clip preparing fanboys and girls for the actual trailer coming in a couple of weeks, that I'm already shivering to see a move which doesn't open for FIVE FULL MONTHS (for the record, this last happened to me before The Avengers).

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is the star of this bit, intoning with perfectly British understatement his intention to take our intrepid Capt. Kirk and crew to the ends of hell and back (as someone on twitter noted, I half expected somebody to loose the trademark expression of Trekian frustration in crisis: "Khaaaaaannn!")

star_trek_gary_mitchell.jpgFinally, a Trek movie gets the very best special effects possible -- thank you, J.J. Abrams for finally getting Paramount to open its checkbook wide -- and judging by this clip, the story will be expansive enough to justify the expense.

The big question, of course: Who is Cumberbatch playing? Geek money is on Gary Mitchell, a Starfleet officer who gained godlike powers and nearly took out Kirk and crew in the original TV series.

That idea is fueled by this plot synopsis released by the studio, which implies Cumberbatch is playing someone within Starfleet.

Let the purists whine: Abrams and his crew have done a masterful job rebooting Star Trek for the millennial generation, even if the Enterprise bridge now looks more like the genius bar at an Apple store. I can't wait to see more of what they've done for a second act.  

As any fanboy can tell you, most sci fi adventures ultimately are only good as their villains. So its a pleasure to see Cumberbatch prove that he's ready for the big leagues in a role which leaps off this trailer.

Enjoy below.


[Last modified: Thursday, December 6, 2012 8:07am]


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