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Geraldo's Return, Part Deux



Because you can never really have enough Geraldo Rivera, I've included some quotes that I didn't have room for in today's wide-ranging profile of the moustachioed journalism super hero. (This shirtless shot is the scariest thing I could find to post on this All Hallow's Eve).

On bringing the New York Times to heel regarding its allegation he nudged a rescue worker out of camera range:
"The New York Times was willing to engage in this ridiculous charge of the light brigade, just because they didn't want to give in. All people have to know is that I have absolutely given up on being the whipping boy. I will come after anyone I consider lying about me. I will tear their hearts out. I've taken enough of people's misrepresentation."

On why people still believe he changed his name from Jerry Rivers to his current, more ethnic-sounding moniker:
"It's absolutely false. It's been disproven. It's easy - It gives them a one up thing on me. They don't have to compete with me. They can dismiss me. they don't have to worry about me having bigger balls than they have. I do what I do. There's the audience of the in crowd and there's everybody else. and everybody else is so more numerous than the in-crowd. When I'm with the GIs in any context, or uniformed personnel, or first responders anywhere anytime. As long as they see me on television, which means most of the English and Spanish-speaking world, I have a great advantage over everybody."

On why he is the natural descendant of legendary TV newsman Edward R. Murrow:
"The Katrina coverage clearly was -- you've got Good Night and Good Luck, the Clooney movie, the Edward R. Murrow movie, which celebrates that icon in the business. it's interesting that the Katrina coverage hearkened back to that. And I think I've been part of that arc. It became unfashionable for a time in between. I think I've been true to it. And you look at the work done by Shepard Smith and Anderson Cooper -- you see that fine tradition resurrected. I think I've been true to that."

On the future of network TV news:
"I don't think (network evening newscasts) are doing it that badly. I may be in the minority here, but if you only have 22 minutes and you have to world wide resources of these outfits...I think it's a shame CBS never merged with CNN, ABC never got their cable thing that Roone (Arledge) dreamed of... News shouldn't have to be about profit. News should be about public service. The bigger and richer the entity that producing it, the better for it. the more they can afford bureaus and a staff required to be there 24/7 for a world audience. I'm all for it.''

On how it felt to see the National Association of Hispanic Journalists -- to whom he donated $100,000 last year -- demand a correction from the New York Times during Nudgegate:
"What I did say was, what was eye-opening to the New York Times is that there were different groups that perceive me differently than the New York Times did. The New York Times has its standards, which I maintain is kind of a country club. They're all living as neighbors on the upper west side of Manhattan. That cocktail party circuit and they were shocked that this newspaper in the city they seek to serve, that there were huge blocks that didn't see me the same way they did. I was relieved that it all came out now, because one of my fears was that it would be the New York Times that would write the obituary of record when the time came.''

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:34pm]


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