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As gleeks face Glee withdrawal, Fox designs site for superfans

Glee-lynch-matthew So, what did you think of the Glee season finale?

Producers had a lot to wrap up -- at times it felt like whipping through a litany of resolutions on fast forward -- but who could keep a tear from their eyes when the kids decided to serenade Mr. Schu? And anything that hips today's tweens to To Sir With Love is cool with me.

Was it a good idea to have Sue Sylvester let her human side show to Mr. Schu? And if the kids aren't working to save their club from Sylvester, where's the dramatic tension going to come from next year (co-creator Ryan Murphy gave a hint by talking up a new character next year, a conservative Christian) 

Another character we found about: ex-ER hunk John Stamos, who will challenge Mr. Schu for the affections of Emma Pilsbury as her smoothie dentist/paramour.

Fox is hoping to stoke Glee fever over the summer break by creating a special destination for fans. See it by clicking here.

I had my own take on what worked and didn't for the show this season, which you can see by clicking here.

And if you missed it all, just look below. Or check out Fox on Thursday nights, where the reruns (or, rebroadcasts) will be parked until fall.

[Last modified: Thursday, August 12, 2010 2:15pm]


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