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Good Morning America tackles MJ vs Bubba defamation trial



bubbaschnitt-trial.jpgAs the trial between local radio stars Todd "MJ" Schnitt and Bubba the Love Sponge Clem continues today, Good Morning America has been drawn to the latest developments like a tabloid-sniffing bee to honey.

ABC's morning news show aired a story this morning on the allegations that Clem's lawyers "set up" Schnitt's lead attorney by having a pretty paralegal lure him into a situation here he would be arrested for DUI. The situation exploded in court last week, as Clem's lawyers admitted having possession of a briefcase from Schnitt's attorney filled with important trial documents after the lawyer's DI arrest.

So far in today's proceedings, the judge has rejected a request from Clem's lawyers for a mistrial on the ground that publicity has tainted the jury.

But the judge has reserved judgement on a request by Schnitt's lawyers for a mistrial -- leading me to wonder what might happen if Schnitt loses his case and the judge decides to declare a mistrial -- allowing Schnitt to try again.

Who would pay legal fees? And even if Clem loses this cases, could he sue his own lawyers for derailing his defense with this confusion over the DUI arrest?

As always in Florida radio, gotta stay tuned.


[Last modified: Monday, January 28, 2013 10:49am]


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