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Goodbye I Love New York: If A Reality Show Ends and the Media Ignores It, Did It Really Happen?



Tanshot2 As predcted here and across the Internet months ago, Tampa rapper Patrick "Tango" Hunter won the heart of reality TV drama queen Tiffany "New York" Pollard on VH1's ghetto-tastic take on The Bachelorette, I Love New York.

Even though Pollard herself let the result slip by flashing Tango's distinctive hand sign during a talk show appearance, the pair still offered something of a surprise, with the 26-year-old Hunter asking Pollard for her hand in marriage just after she picked him as the final winner (whether that still stands after last night's episode showing her getting down with finalist Chance the night before the final elimination, remains an open question).Newyork

What has surprised me most about this show is its lack of buzz, given that it still seems to be kicking butt in the ratings. Two weeks ago, I Love New York was the 7th-highest ranked cable show of the week, drawing 4.2-million viewers and scoring ahead of steady faves such as SpongeBob SquarePants and the Law & Order franchise.

UPDATE (4/5/07): VH1 sez ratings indicate I Love New York was the second highest-rated series in the channel's history, drawing 4.8-million viewers to Monday's finale -- just over half the 7.5-million or so who watched the finale of its parent show, Flavor of Love 2.

Momma No doubt, it's the show's high minstrel factor that keeps folks from dwelling too much on this show -- which seems to wallow in the worst stereotypes about young, hip hop-influenced black folks.

Consider last night's finale, which featured: finalists Tango and thug-in-training Chance nearly coming to blows over dinner; a date in a dolphin tank that Tanny2featured New York freaking out in chest-high water; sequences that suggest Pollard slept with both finalists before making her decision and a production design that looks like a pimp threw up all over a faux-classic mansion.

Can it be that the media decided the best medicine for such demeaning displays was no attention at all? Or are we just too busy talking about Sanjaya and Anna Nicole to spare much love for a pampered hoochie mama stretching her 15 minutes way too long?

Tanman1It's hard to tell: Even editors here aren't jazzed about covering Tango's victory, despite the fact that he's a hometown kid. I'm torn between feeling thankful that such a twisted enterprise is getting such limited ink, but a little disappointed that a local guy isn't getting much play for his success.

Oh well. Soon Sanjaya will win American Idol and such concerns will seem quaint and old fashioned.

Lou Dobbs' Hot Air Moves to the Eye Network

You'd think a news division storied as CBS would focus on growing and feeding its own stars intead of importing them from elsewhere.

Loudobbs But hot on the heels of political analyst Jeff Greenfield defecting to the Eye network and upstart Anderson Cooper making his mark on 60 Minutes, CBS has announced CNN's Lou Dobbs will offer weekly commentaries for The Early Show, starting next Tuesday.

“What makes Lou stand out is that he’s not afraid to tackle the hot topics,” says Steve Friedman, VP of morning broadcasts.  “THE EARLY SHOW will surely benefit from having the unique and passionate perspective that Lou will now bring to morning television.” 

Loubook Let's review: the audience for most morning newscasts is female -- explaining why anchors such as Katie Couric. Meredith Vieira and Diane Sawyer are so successful. So, to boost viewership for the third place network morning show, CBS brass is importing a old, overbearing former business guy who rails about the fleecing of the middle class and illegal immigration.

Sounds like a brainstorm to me.

Black Donnellys Lives Down to My Predictions

Let's call it a glass half full. I predicted NBC would return Studio 60 to the air after its highly-hyped Irish crime drama the Black Donnellys died a messy death on Mondays. Logo

According to Variety, Donnellys is among several shows -- including 7th Heaven, Wedding Bells and Six Degrees -- which have been shut down due to low ratings.

Unfortunately, NBC plans to brings its reality show Wedding Crashers to the 10 p.m. Monday timeslot starting April 23 -- right behind the next new episode of its only new hit, Heroes.

Weddingfcrashers And I have a feeling the comic book geeks lining up for that show are going to dig a reality TV show about weddings gone awry a lot more than a talky drama about a hopelessly unfunny late-night comedy show.

Call me crazy.

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