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Guest star John Lithgow to chat with fans at 3 p.m. today about Sunday's shocking Dexter finale



(WARNING -- I WILL be talking specifics about Dexter finale Sunday night)

Dexter hall lithgow The best of today's cable TV dramas manage an impossible feat when their too-short seasons end; resolving just enough so you feel something's ended, but giving you a cliffhanger with enough suspense to last the better part of a year.

On Sunday, Showtime's Dexter managed what Mad Men pulled off weeks before, concluding the mesmerizing showdown between Michael C. Hall's Dexter Morgan and John Lithgow's Trinity killer with the most unexpected result -- the death of Dexter's wife, Rita.

Lithgow will chat with fans online at 3 p.m. today about the finale and his mostexcellent work playing Trinity. Fans can access the live chat by logging on to or (using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and AIM credentials) and even post questions in advance for Lithgow to answer on Click here to see the stream.

Dexterandrita Coming at the end of last night's finale, when our hero Dexter had seemingly outfoxed Trinity and managed to kill a man responsible for 30 years of serial murders, Rita's death was the punch in the gut capping an episode which kept viewers on their seats' edge for nearly an hour.

Found naked in a tub filled with her own blood, Rita leaves Dexter with a season's worth of new questions. will a sociopath who kills killers feel guilty for the cat-and-mouse game he played with Trinity after this awful blowback? Will Dexter's own infant child, discovered sitting quietly in his mother's own blood -- like he was found 30-some years ago -- become a chip off his serial killing father's block?

In the Dexter books, written by Cape Coral resident Jeff Lindsay, Rita's children are also saddled with the "dark passenger" which compels Dexter to kill. Is their mother's horrible death what makes this a reality on the TV show?

Dexter_season4_poster Since Dexter's sister Deb is the best instinctual detective on the Miami police force, will she eventually connect the dots to her brother's bizarre dark life? And can Dexter explain why the Trinity killer would even bother coming after him and his wife in the first place?

There were other great moments Sunday: Deb telling Dexter how good he is for her (a scene with extra meaning when you know the actors are married in real life), always-cool Dexter losing his composure during a confrontation with police while Trinity lies unconscious nearby,

But Rita's death was a wonderfully portentious move, taking away a great character but leaving an ocean of possibilities in her wake.

Now you can grill Lithgow on how it all went down.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:03pm]


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