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"Hiccup Girl" murder case reaches Today show this morning



hiccup-girl-murder-jennifer-mee.jpgAfter hundreds of news stories published on the murder charges leveled against a St. Petersburg girl once known for her uncontrollable hiccuping, the mother and attorney for "Hiccup Girl" Jennifer Mee gave their first big media interview to the Today show this morning.

Local attorney John Trevena sat alongside Mee's mother Rachel Robidoux on NBC's morning show, pressing the case that Mee lured a man to a robbery gone wrong because she fell in with a bad crowd. Robidoux also repeated assertions she made during a recent bail hearing, claiming that Mee has developmental issues which has kept her from fully comprehending her current circumstance.

"She mentioned to me the last time I seen her that she hopes she's home for Christmas," the mother told Today anchor Matt Lauer. "She just really doesn't realize the severity of what's going on right now.

Trevena says media interest in the case remains strong, with some media organizations offering to pay Mee's bail in exchange for full control of her story. Certainly, the story seems tailor made for our TMZ-fed news culture; a girl whose initial fame came from something so innocuous now embroiled in the worst crime possible.

Below is the Today show appearance, which basically echoes points Trevena and Robidoux have made to local media outlets:


[Last modified: Friday, November 12, 2010 9:03am]


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