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Highlights From Fallen American Idol David Hernandez's Exit Interview: Stripping Didn't Matter



Hernandez  I normally would rather poke myself in the eye with a Donald Trump bobblehead than sit through the telephone press conferences Fox organizes with ejected Idol contestants.

Scheduled for the day after the rejection, the calls are packed with folks from such august journalism institutions as OK! magazine, Access Hollywood and Flash News. The questions are penetrating and tough: how do you cope with new found stardom? Who was your closest friend in the Idol crew? How much fun was it meeting Jim Carrey? (David's response: "It's awesome.")

So, I must admit, I wait until Fox emails the transcript of the press conference the next day to see if there's anything I care about. Surprisingly, the text of David Hernandez's interview Thursday provided several moments.

Hernandezlarge_2 First, it only took about a quarter of the press conference for someone to ask if he thought his past as a gay, lap-dance-providing-stripper led america to vote him off this week. On camera Tuesday and Wednesday, he seemed to consider saying something public about it all, right up until the last notes of his goodbye song faded.

But by Thursday's press conference, Hernandez's agenda was plain: He's unemployed and he wants a record deal. I know this, because he said it about four times.

"I actually believe (my elimination) was based on song selection," said Hernandez, as if he was reading from a script provided by his agent. "I think America's smart enough to know y now that people's personal lives should not influence their musical career." Mmm, hmm. Tell that to Britney, Janet and Michael. Judge for yourself by watching his performance again by clicking here.

David_hernandez_001  Anyways, he offered a few more interesting facts: For Beatles week, they all picked their top three songs from a list of 25 tunes. When two people pick the same top song -- as he and Brooke did, with Let It Be -- they draw lots out of a hat to see whose preference wins.

Producers knew about his past as a stripper and decided early on they didn't Kristy_lee_cook_wenncare. And contestants have a lot of say over the arrangements for their songs, working out the general form with the band's piano player and a vocal arranger (so blame Kristy Lee Cook for the outrageously fast tempo of her countrified Eight Days a Week -- which might have been cool if she played it at the original tempo).

"I like to have faith in Idol...they've given me this huge platform," Hernandez said Thursday.

So America can speculate on whether David got the boot because of his past in the gay sex industry; but he's just trying to get paid. Which is, I guess, the real spirit of America Idol. 

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:44pm]


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