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Hulk Hogan tells CNN's Piers Morgan he isn't sure pal Bubba the Love Sponge is behind sex tape scandal



hulk-hogan-cnn.jpgWrestling star Hulk Hogan told CNN's Piers Morgan Tuesday night he hadn't yet seen portions of a video indicating his best friend, Tampa Bay area shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, secretly recorded the star having sex with a woman identified as Clem's then-wife.

"Never have I ever been this embarrassed and never has my world been turned upside down in such a fashion," said Hogan, a former longtime Clearwater resident once known as Terry Bollea, speaking with the CNN host during his Piers Morgan Tonight show. "I had no idea there was a camera set up."

Hogan landed back in the headlines when the website Gawker posted a clip of him having sex with a woman; later, the wrestler told shock jock Howard Stern the woman was Clem's then-wife Heather Cole. (the pair filed for divorce last year, finalizing the split early this year.) Gawker posted a short clip of the video, which showed a different male talking with Hogan and the woman, leaving the room before the two had sex.

bubbaandheather1.jpgHogan told Stern that Clem had denied knowing the encounter was recorded or how the tape was made public. But gossip website TMZ has reported that Clem is shown at the end of the video bragging that footage of the encounter would be valuable.

"To this day, I would have to see the tape to believe that," Hogan told Morgan Tuesday, calling TMZ "the fact-finding mission" and a "legitimate source" in the scandal. "He's been such a close friend, I'd have to see that to believe it."

Hogan, who has made headlines in the past for his contentious divorce with ex-wife/reality TV star Linda Hogan and his own use of steroids, told Morgan the sex tape issue was the worst public controversy he has ever experienced. He's talked about the tape everywhere from Stern's show to NBC's Today show and now CNN.

Ironically, one person who hasn't said anything publically about the video is Clem, who has a long history of turning personal controversies into material for his radio show.

It's worth noting one element of his settlement agreement with his ex-wife included a promise  “not to interfere with, annoy, molest or harass the other party or disparage the other party in public,” with special mention made of speaking “on air” about each other.


[Last modified: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 8:54am]


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