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Humorless comic off 'Dancing' while 'Idol' forgets how long show should be



Scottmacintyre This is the problem with American Idol's four-judge format: Sooner or later, you run out of show.

What that meant this week, is that viewers like me who prefer using the DVR to tape Idol -- the better to skip all that extra judge blather, thank you very much -- wound up screwed, as Tuesday's episode ran so long favorite Adam Lambert's show-closing performance was cut off.

Bad enough we had to wade through every finalist's baby pictures and nostalgia for the year of their birth, usually placed sometime around the middle of my college career -- another reason I HATE the week they sings songs from when they were born.

But those of us crafty enough to use technology to avoid the worst Idol excess got cheated out of one of the best performances. If you ask me, whoever times out the show should get voted off this week.

Since we're still shaking off the mediocrities, Scott MacIntyre (right) is quickly losing all the goodwill he has earned as a plucky contestant overcoming his vision challenges. Fate let him get away with a lounge-ready Billy Joel tune last week, so what does he try next? A power ballad complete with crappy rock guitar! (At least he nailed the decade.) Time to go bye-bye my friend.

Grier Over on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, there's way more mediocrity to slice through. On Tuesday, viewers cut TV's most humorless comic, prune-faced funnyman David Alan Grier.

Tellingly, Grier got his walking papers despite earning judges' scores four points ahead of the next-lowest competitor this week, ex-footballer Lawrence Taylor, after the two competed in a dance-off.

Proving once again why he's worth whatever they're paying him, host Tom Bergeron even managed to bring up -- if obliquely -- how Grier's oddly acerbic manner was so off-putting even his professional dance partner couldn't figure out where he was coming from.

Like so many before him, Grier got so focused on trying to dance well, he forgot the show's most important rules: stay entertaining, keep improving, make it all look fun and work your fan base.

When you have to remind a comic to stay funny on camera, it's time for that funnyman to get the big hook.



[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:56pm]


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