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Idol Thoughts: The First Performance By the Dull Dozen



Some things that crossed my mind while watching my TiVo'ed episode of American Idol in the office this morning:Idol12_1

-- Sean Daly, crowded into the office with me, calls clueless amateur Sunjaya at 21st Century Leif Garrent. I compare him more to John Stevens, the redhead with the grandma-loves-me haircut whose popularity in 2004 led him to advance way further than his performances warranted. When Sunjaya made the top 12 last week he had he same "holy shit!" look that Stevens wore for too many weeks during his edition.

-- Gotta agree with my pal Verne Gay at Newsday: There is the Idol that happens when Melinda Dolittle and Lakisha Jones take the stage, and then there is the Idol that everybody else competes in. These two women are so obviously more talented than their compatriots, the only question left is whether Idol voters will punish them for being too good, too early. Melinda takes a pedestrian song like home and turns it into a tour de force, and Lakisha can redefine songs sung by the best singers.

Angrysimon3 -- Enough with the gay jokes already. Ryan asks Simon about advice on high heels, Simon tells Ryan to get out of the closet already. Let's just declare both you guys metrosexual and get over it, already.

-- Chris Sligh needs to realize his charm is in being the lumpy funny guy who is a little geeky wit a hidden, amazing talent. Enough with the psuedo-hip rock arrangements and ditched glasses -- just play up your natural good humor and stop trying to be Chris Martin.

-- The guys are also in another Idol contest, and it sucks. Even the best dudes -- Sligh, Phil Stacey and Blake Lewis come off as earnest dudes who would be really good in the Katonga show at Busch Gardens. Last night, Lewis was the best example -- coming off like a junior Justin while warbling through a take on The Supremes' Keep Me Hangin' On that would have KILLED at the Disneyland Parade of Dreams. Idol needs artists who can hang with the Neptunes and Timbaland, not Mickey and Goofy.Americanidol6

-- Do Diana Ross, Sunjaya, Justin Guarini and Sideshow Bob have the same hairdresser?

-- Can Idol survive a season where the best singers are so obvious so early on?

Final analysis

Should leave: Sunjaya. Because, frankly, his smile is the only thing keeping him in the game.

Will leave: Rock chick Gina Glockson. Because she does't really want to be in the rock chick bag idol is forcing her into and it shows every time she wlaks onstage.

Simon Does 60

Will the I'm-not-gay-I'm-just-metrosexual banter reach a fever pitch as Cowell faces the most closeted journalist on TV, Anderson Cooper?Cowell_1

Tune into his feature this Sunday on 60 Minutes and find out (See Simon make an argument for advertising sponsorship of televised executions here)

Nice to see the Tiffany Network moving to fill the journalism void left by the passing of Ed Bradley with such high-caliber work.


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