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It's official: Clearwater-raised Juliet Simms is the big closer on NBC's The Voice

juliet-simms-apr30-1.jpgEver since Clearwater-raised singer Juliet Simms was handed a Rod Stewart cover in her first big vocal battle on NBC's The Voice -- a perfect match for her smoky, bluesy voice and rock 'n' roll attitude -- I've wondered if the show is smitten with her.

That infatuation became seriously official Monday night, as Simms closed out the show with a powerful rendition of James Brown's "It's a Man's, Man's Man's World"; a chance for her to command the stage with her powerful vocals and nail a classic R&B showcase.

It wasn't the first time she brought down the house. The Voice seems to be using Simms as their high-octane closer, deploying her muscular vocals in an inspired version of The Police's "Roxanne" a few weeks ago -- another performance which electrified the crowd.

That's a good sign for the singer, who faces an elimination tonight in which four of eight remaining vocalists will be cut.  As always, it's still possible to vote for your favorites; click here to cast a ballot for Simms.

At a time when competition has never been fiercer in the music business, artists who might have previously turned up their nose about appearing on television have accepted the trade off: to survive as a musician in the age of the Internet, a boost of TV-fed fame certainly can't hurt.

That's why you see so many established artists struggling with the topic, as everyone from Goyte to Slash and the Foo Fighters slag off seeing their songs in shows such as Glee -- until the boosted sales figures start rolling in.

Fans will learn at 8 tonight whether Simms survives to close another show on The Voice; see her Monday performance below:


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 8:01am]


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