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Jay Leno proves it: As a politician, Sarah Palin makes a good stand up comic



Leno-palin Jay Leno returned to his sweet spot on Tuesday's Tonight Show, offering a personable, high-profile appearance by a controversial newsmaker in former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Like all politicians, Palin thrived in Leno's spotlight -- free to play the good sport and toss around empty catchphrases without fear of even cursory questions about her odd hypocrisies (among them: criticizing President Obama for his reliance on a teleprompter while writing bullet points on her hand; and appearing at a rally to help re-elect John McCain after blaming his staff for their presidential election loss).

Anyway, I'm not above getting a few extra blog hits using the same methods. so here's a mercifully brief look at Palin's stab at standup comedy and a snippet from Leno's gushing interview.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:06pm]


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