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Jenna Fischer takes pity on a scruffy journalist to talk about TV's future



She had just finished talking with a pal -- the actor who plays the pretentious writer guy on Mad Men --Jennafisherglobes  when I pounced.

Turns out, hanging at the front door to the Beverly Hilton is a great place to try catching stars here for the Golden Globes when you don't have access to the red carpet. More prestigious scribes are parked on the huge circular red carpet the Globes people built over the Beverly Hills Hilton's circular front driveway. They can shout questions about designers and hopes for winning as the paparazzi climb over each each other for a shot.

So when The Office co-star Jenna Fischer was alone briefly, standing at the front door, I pounced.

"I'm from St. Louis, and for so long I dreamed about being surrounded by stars and being in a glamorous place like this . . . so the significance of this is not lost on me," said Fischer, who plays one half of star-crossed lovers Jim and Pam on The Office, and found herself really enjoying the Globes return after the show was canceled by the writers strike last year.

"It's one of those things you don't realize you missed until it comes around again," she said. "Each year, they make fewer scripted comedies on TV and i feel for some of my acting friends who wonder where the next project is coming from . . . But you look at coming attractions from AMC, TNT, USA, and they seem to be coming up with the better shows. I think maybe the future of great shows may be on cable."

Globesredcarpet_006 By this time, about a half hour before the show starts, the Hilton's lobby is a madhouse and the celebrities are so thick you can't swing a stick without poking one. Retired NBC anchor Tom Brokaw chats two feet away from ex-SNL castmember Kevin Nealon (Weeds) while Stephen Moyer (HBO's True Blood) trades quips with a reporter from People magazine. Big media outlets such as People, The Insider, TV Guide and Entertainment Tonight have built huge sets sitting right on the red carpet, pulling celebs onto their stages to grill them about their chances of winning -- even if they aren't nominated for anything, who checks facts anymore? -- and who they're wearing.

I look to one side and see Ross The Intern, a cat who started as an overweight, flaming superfan sent by Tonight Show host Jay Leno to disrupt public events -- now transformed into a slim, well-coiffed TV personality decked out in a super-sharp tuxedo. Gotta love the way Hollywood turns; it seems anyone can really be a star these days.

There's no time for real conversations -- everybody's hurrying to run the gantlet of media, mention their pet projects and get into the paparazzi shots before the show starts in five minutes or so. But that makes great openings for us under-the-radar press types, skulking about with our point-and-shoot cameras, hungry for a genuine moment.

Speaking of . . . the moment I fell in love with Fischer came as the interview ended and I asked who she was wearing. It was a beautiful multicolored dress from Lebanese fashion designed Zuhair Murad (THANK you, Google!) but she could barely remember the name and totally whiffed on the spelling.

Looks like she's got her values placed just about right in this showbiz tsunami. Time to pay attention to the show . . .



[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:54pm]


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