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Jon Stewart Redux: The Sidebar That Never Made It Online



As Jon Stewart mania grips us here in Timesland -- *TBT even sent copies of today's edition to the man himself in Manhattan! -- I've decided to put the sidebar to my Stewart story for Floridian online.

This came about as I and my editors wondered how to distill the coolest Daily Show segments around. The answer was simple: You let the people decide.

So I surfed to YouTube and searched the terms “Daily Show” and “Jon Stewart” to come up with the most-watched clips illegally uploaded to the video file-sharing site. Because if fans are willing to risk a lawsuit from Viacom to bring this stuff to cyberspace, they must really be amazing.

Here are the top five, ranked in ascending order of page views, and not counting duplicate uploads of the same clip. And if Viacom’s legal department should peruse this story, please don’t take this as an encouragement to fans to upload or watch unauthorized content on YouTube. Even if it is ridiculously easy to see them (hint, hint).

Clip #5: Jon Stewart Takes on Brangelina.

Stewartbrangelina Views: 198,784

Content: Stewart suggests that, since Angelina Jolie has turned Brad Pitt into an anti-poverty crusader, perhaps the solution to world hunger is for everyone to sleep with her, starting with him.

Best line: “Love has made Brad Pitt want to use his handsomeness for good.”

Clip #4: Fox News on Daytona Beach

Stewartfoxnewsdaytona Views: 213,776

Content: Stewart shows a Fox News report on a serial killer targeting prostitutes in Daytona Beach, noting that their visuals illustrating the story were mostly good-looking girls in bikinis jumping around at beach parties.

Best line: “I tell you what I would tell my kids if they were headed down to spring break...If there’s a cameraman sitting in your cleavage…brush him off.”

Clip #3: Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Stewartcrossfire Views: 270,394

Content: Stewart’s infamous appearance on CNN’s Crossfire, where he told the hosts their show was bad for America; two months later, CNN announced it was canceling the show.

Best line: (responding to the host’s criticism of his John Kerry interview) “I didn’t realize – and this explains quite a bit – is that the news organizations look to Comedy Central for their cues on integrity.”

Clip #2: Daily Show Sums up Bush’s Speeches

Stewartbushclip Views: 352,508

Content: By editing together snippets from a multitude of speeches, Stewart shows how President Bush delivers virtually the same message in many different forums.

Best line: The last line of the edited-together speech has bush saying “One of my favorite tactics is to tell people the same words over and over again.”

Clip #1: Sacha Baron Cohen on the Daily Show

Stewartborat_1 Views 374,941

Content: Borat star Cohen talks up the second season of his show featuring a fake British rapper interviewing real people, Da Ali G Show.

Best story: Cohen describes how Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton bonded with him by showing him topless photos of a woman who turned out to be Lipton’s wife.   

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:37pm]


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