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Kathy Griffin drops the d-word during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage



CNN must have known it was tempting fate by giving comic Kathy Griffin a live microphone during itsKathygriffinmic_3 New Year's Eve special.

This is the woman who exclaimed Jesus could "suck it" when she won an Emmy award. The woman who predicted Miley Cyrus would get a "down-there virus" when hosting Bravo's A-List awards. The woman who actually thought she would still film a guest star role on Cyrus' Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana after the first joke made worldwide headlines.

In other words, the kind of take-no-$#@& comedian who would see a party with lots of alcohol-fueled knuckleheads, bitter cold and the pressure of entertaining an international audience as a minefield of possibility.

So it's no surprise the redheaded wonder let a serious profanity slip while dressing down a heckler when she thought the show had cut to commercial.

Doesn't Griffin know that stuff like this always ends up on YouTube -- one way or another? (come to think about it, I bet she's counting on it!)


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:54pm]


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