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Kathy Griffin rocks Ruth Eckerd Hall with spicy jokes on Oprah, Nancy Grace and the reason we need a lesbian in the White House



Kathy-griffin1 Imagine your smartest, cattiest, most foul-mouthed celebrity-obsessed friend, hopped up on a steady intake of Diet Coke and Oprah Winfrey episodes, ready to dish on everything from movie stars who are secret Scientologists to why Gloria Estefan runs Miami like a pint-sized, pop music singing Scarface.

That’s a hint of what it’s like to step into comic Kathy Griffin’s world.

Forget about AIG, the economic meltdown and whatever Barack Obama is up to today. In Griffin’s house, the most important topics at hand are celebrities, gay culture, pop culture and the dysfunctional behavior that binds them all.

And the carrot-topped comic brought a hyped-up crowd of 1,875 along for a twisted ride inside her head tonight at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, taking on the Church of Scientology, Nancy Grace’s Caylee Anthony obsession and her own 89-year-old mother’s fixation on Judge Judy.

“Did the Sarasota gays make the drive up?” Griffin yelled, calling out to her legions of gay fans after an introductory montage of video clips featuring bit parts on show ranging from Seinfeld to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. “Upscale gays in the house – thank you for crossing the bridge."

Kathy-griffin Dropping curse words like snowflakes, Griffin offered X-rated takes on famously overweight singer Wynonna Judd’s new diet pills (“You know those pills are just tiny doughnuts”), all the free stuff people have given Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman (“You know that wouldn’t be happening if her name was Shaniqua Suleman”) and Winfrey’s continuing weight struggles (“I think it’s amazing that Oprah is so wealthy and powerful she just noticed she’s fat again last week”).

For those who only know her for the controversies – directing remarks to Jesus when she won an Emmy and slinging a curse word at a heckler during CNN’s live New Year’s Eve coverage – it’s easy to dismiss Griffin as a headline-grabbing vulgarian.

But her 90-minute 7 p.m. show Saturday, the first of two shows that night, showcased the oddball blend of down-to-earth cattiness and relentless talent that has converted legions. Tossing off spot-on impressions of Winfrey’s shouts and Grace mispronouncing Anthony’s name, Griffin nailed the vortex of cynicism and absurdity where today’s celebrity culture thrives.

 “I want to see Paula Abdul’s head fall into the table once a week – and she never lets us down,” Griffin said, explaining her love for the loopiest judge on American Idol. “That new (judge Kara ) DioGuardi made her put down the vodka and Vicodin . . . And I don’t know if I’m ready for a Paula Abdul who can walk upright and drive a car.”

Much as Griffin likes to tout her status as a Hollywood upstart – her reality show is called My Life on the D-List after all – bits about hanging with Rosie O’Donnell and Cher in Las Vegas show she’s moved up a few notches in recent years.

Griffin “For me as a gay man to meet Cher , , , I was like a retarded Make-a-Wish kid,” she said, describing a five-hour visit with the star on her birthday. “It was like meeting God.”

Unfortunately, some of her best jokes could never make the pages of a family newspaper. Especially the crack about Suleman’s heavily surgeried lips resembling a certain part of the female anatomy (when she says that line got her kicked out of a recent performance, I believe her).

But for fans who came for a serious dose of pop culture cynicism with a dash of gay-friendly sex jokes, Griffin offered an evening of relentless comedy powered by her boundless love for the big names she’s constantly trashing.

And what more could you ask from a pop culture buddy than that?


[Last modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:56pm]


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